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  • "I appreciate Stealth’s ability to look at the existing technology suite and leverage what's there—only procuring new tech components when it’s absolutely necessary. Some companies come in with a solution they’ve already selected, even before they know our needs, because they’re familiar with it, it's cookie-cutter, or it's the ‘industry leader.’ Meeting with the customer is just lip service since they know what they’re going to recommend. In addition, Stealth takes delivering on time and within budget very seriously, ensuring that they meet customers’ needs every time."
    Terri L. Hern, Manager, Telecommunications Team, California Public Employees Retirement System
  • "It’s rare to find a consistently outstanding vendor—one who routinely goes the extra mile to provide greater service than what was on our contract, with more friendliness than we expect, and with the persistence and ingenuity to overcome the small, nagging problems that other vendors would ignore."
    Tom Blanda, Controller, Oakland Raiders
  • Stealth is unique in their attention to detail—from the initial presentation to the final result. Add to this their breadth of knowledge and you have a winning combination.
    Gary Shepherd, Retired Sr. Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories
  • "Stealth is a customer-oriented, adaptable company with a track record of getting the job done. They’re unique in that they identify—and solve—significant business problems."
    Christy Quinlan, Retired Deputy Chief Information Officer, State of California
  • "To me, Stealth's strength is the depth of expertise their team brings to the project. I know they’re on top of the latest technologies in the communications world."
    Judy Bell, DSP, Business Consultant for Toyota Corporation