When your communications and technology architecture is on the line, you want to know that its integrity is without question. Stealth is a trusted partner for many of the top names in technology. Our wide range of certifications translates to an industry-leading ability to implement custom IT solutions.

With impressive knowledge and experience, we deliver the peace of mind that your infrastructure is rock solid and without a weak link. When you contract Stealth for your IT and communications projects, you’ll gain a unique blend of reliability, expertise, and support.

Manufacturing Certifications

Cisco Certified Systems Partner

Cisco is well known as one of the world leaders in networking and IT architecture. As a trusted Cisco partner, we can implement a vast array of Cisco-backed solutions to help your business grow.

Microsoft Certified Partner

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, we’re able to offer significant discounts on Microsoft products and services including OEM hardware, operating system licenses, and 24/7 support. Whether we’re completing a large-scale deployment of the latest Windows version or putting together your new proprietary server, we have you covered.

StealthMatrix Certified RFID/Location Service

Stealth has complete StealthMatrix RFID and location services certifications. These certifications demonstrate our proficiency in creating, maintaining, and repairing systems for inventory control and AR purposes; including IoT sensors and other cutting edge technology.

Corning Fiber Certified

One of the world’s largest hardware and software IT providers fiber-optic network cabling gives your business the highest possible data transfer rates and ensures your entire team is operating on the same page. Our system engineers are Corning certified for LAN designs, installs, testing, troubleshooting, and documentation.

Hewlett Packard Certified

Hewlett Packard products and services can be utilized for networks, operating systems, servers, storage, cloud implementations, and software-defined infrastructure. Our professional HP certification means that Stealth has the skills and experience necessary to deploy a wide range of HP IT solutions.

Industry Certifications

C7 - Low Voltage License

In California, low voltage system installations (telephones, telecommunications, CCTV, sound systems, cable television, and more) require a C7 license. Stealth has full C7 certification and years of experience with designing, installing, and maintaining all types of low voltage systems.

BICSI Certified RCDD

As a BICSI certified Registration Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), Stealth has attained expert knowledge of cabling infrastructure and can work directly with architects and engineers to ensure your new or upgraded cabling system is efficient, cost-effective, and ready for your company’s future growth.

Project Management Professional

A Project Management Professional (PMP) is the highest-level certification possible for project managers. With Stealth’s skilled PMP-certified leaders at the helm, rest assured that your work will be completed on time, your costs will be within budget, and your goals will be met.



Stealth has been selected as one of the Army’s Information Technology Enterprise Solutions 3 Services certified providers (ITES-3). This means that we’ve been approved for a full complement of government-wide acquisition contracts (GWAC) for IT services.

U.S. General Services Administration Partner

Our status as a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) partner makes Stealth a clear choice for any government agency or contractor looking for professional IT services including IT consulting and design, management, training, and systems engineering.

Computer Marketing Associates Agreement

We’re proud to have a Computer Marketing Associates (CMA) agreement and offer our IT services to many agencies and organizations in the public sector. From IT infrastructure projects to big data analytics to cyber security, our team of engineers and specialists is ready to assist in creating new implementations from scratch or upgrading existing systems.

Woman-Owned Small Business - 8(m)

Margaret Nyswonger founded stealth in 1994. We have full classification as an 8(m) Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB). This certification allows our company to participate in federal contracting opportunities across a diverse spectrum of IT applications.