Consulting Services

Technology and Architecture Modernization

We’ll start with a full investigation into your infrastructure ecosystem, identifying your current technology models and discovering potential areas of improvement. From there, we’ll build and implement bespoke solutions that bring your technology and workflow up to cutting edge levels.

Our modernization and optimization services are available across a wide range of IT architecture systems and technology including everything from small lab settings to large-scale campus facilities for multinational tech giants with Federated AI networks.

Our talented team of optimization experts will:

  • Identify the latest technologies and alternatives for cost-effective network solutions
  • Complete indoor cable plant design and infrastructure modeling systems
  • Create design specifications for competitive sourcing
  • Perform product analyses and evaluation optimizations to align with strategic goals
  • Complete solution modeling including acquisition plans and budgets

From definition to design to integration, you can count on Stealth to deliver an advanced network solution built with your business in mind.

Business Process Management Optimization with Intelligent Automation

Upgrading and automating your business’s daily workflow takes more than just switching out your preferred software. At Stealth, we have a deep understanding of Business Process Management (BPM) and employ an Intelligent Automation approach to optimize your current and future state workflows resulting in lower labor costs, efficient use of AI technologies (RPA), and seamless integration between your existing systems.

Your Stealth BPM Optimization team delivers:

  • Benchmarks of existing workflows plus process automation and optimization to achieve KPIs
  • Staffing models based on automation and execution
  • Recommendations on leveraging Intelligent Automation for improvements across the entire lifecycle ecosystem, from sourcing to client and end user services
  • A transition plan roadmap to attain the highest automation value from your available spend

Optimization of Indoor Location Services

Keeping your business fully connected is an absolute must-have in today’s world. With our Indoor Location Services optimization, we’ll perform a detailed analysis of your physical structure to determine a best use case solution that can include technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), RFID, NFC sensor, Wi-Fi, and more.

Stealth hardware upgrades and software integrations will help you achieve:

  • The optimization of back office and client-facing applications for location services
  • The evaluation and modeling for future connectivity needs
  • A technology roadmap with cost forecasting to gain optimum indoor location services at the most efficient cost

Strategic and Acquisition Planning

Being prepared for success is an integral part of business growth. Stealth can assist you in making sure your company is ready to leap ahead when the opportunity arises. We’ll work directly with your key officers and decision makers to identify your expansion, modernization, and globalization needs from a strategic technology perspective.

With our impressive business acumen and bespoke solutions, we’ll help your company prepare for rapid growth including:

  • Analyzing your current business state and identifying future strategic and acquisition opportunities
  • Completing an analysis of your current business state and identifying future strategic and acquisition opportunities
  • Recommending strategic alignments to meet expansion, technology, and modernization requirements
  • Assessing key risk factors and accompanying mitigation strategies
  • Developing acquisition plans that include requirements, specifications, and sourcing
  • Prioritizing key initiatives and creating actionable processes for rapid deployment

For consulting and optimization that facilitates your business’s growth, Contact Us for a free consultation.