Stealth offers client-centric solutions focused on your success.

Stealth identifies the latest technologies and alternatives for cost effective plant, data, IoT, and wireless infrastructure modeling solutions and design specifications for competitive sourcing. Integrating and upgrading existing and bespoke solutions, to deliver measured results, on-time, within budget, and built to spec. The resulting technologies after the StealthNetwork process are faster, smarter, more accurate, and more reliable. Contact Us for further inquiries.

Business Process Transformation with Intelligent Automation

Whether you’re defining a future state process or fine-tuning with Intelligent Automation, Stealth uses your current state as a baseline to establish multiple workflows that support the ultimate user experience, whether internal or external. By accurately defining your current business processes and analyzing your KPIs, we provide custom Intelligent Automation solutions to increase efficiency across your devices and software, including sensors, IoT implementations, camera vision, SLAM technologies, and many more.

Stealth is the perfect technology bridge between your business and your clients. Our collaborations result in successful process transformation that truly works.

Internet of Things (IoT) - Location Services

In partnership with Stealth’s sister company, StealthMatrix, our team of IoT and location services experts deliver a bespoke solution to meet your exact needs. We use indoor 3D computational real-time mapping location services to help you track and monitor inventory locations of both everyday and high-demand assets.

From RFID to NFC to AR, the custom solutions Stealth provides are all designed to meet your end-to-end needs across the entire supply chain - including asset acquisition, on-site storage, and deployment.

Cabling Infrastructure Solutions

Our infrastructure design professionals create adaptive solutions to accommodate the increasing demands of computer vision- and sensor-based networks with high computational requirements. Stealth provides structured cabling design and implementation services for technology companies, R&D, government, and retail markets. From the initial design to implementation and upgrades, you can count on our certified engineers to handle every last detail of your infrastructure deployment.

In addition to complete cabling infrastructure solutions, Stealth is available for independent cable verification and validation, site surveys, structured cabling testing, and routine maintenance services.

Network Solutions

Whether creating a new network for R&D or improving a government agency’s network infrastructure, Stealth’s team of certified network design professionals start from the ground up to achieve maximum performance and prepare for potential expansion.

By focusing on your network’s scalability, we prepare your business to handle not only your current network needs but also adapt to meet the rapidly changing technology environment of the future.

Data Center Solutions

Stealth’s team of data center leaders are experienced with new center design including the implementation of hot and cold aisle containment for maximum energy efficiency.

We were one of the first to work with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (DOE) and CalPERS for the performance, and reporting management of energy reduction and power performance for hot/cold aisle to CRAC containment.

Our structured cabling and network team works with your building architect and general contractor to deliver the next generation of data center performance.


Your modern workspace demands ubiquitous connectivity and Stealth does much more than just ensure your Wi-Fi antennas are properly placed. We’re equally at home with office, warehouse, mobile, and atypical environments. We offer unparalleled knowledge of building constraints, device capabilities, and other potential issues that could hinder your system’s performance.

With years of experience in wireless, cellular, and RF technologies, our solutions will give you untethered connectivity to tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and other Internet connected devices.